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What are Outcomes, Goals, and Steps?

What are outcomes goals and steps


Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyActionPath right for me?

Only you can answer that question. Think of MyActionPath as a virtual GPS programmed to help you learn more about yourself and the potential pathways that lie ahead to explore. If that sounds like something beneficial to you, give it a try!  

What does it cost to enroll in MyActionPath?

MyActionPath is currently provided to our community at no charge. A time may come when we ask for a small subscription fee to help us improve the product and increase the amount of available content. 

Does MyActionPath only focus on career pathway planning?

No! MyActionPath is so much more than a career planning tool. While career planning is certainly part of the platform, a major benefit is learning more about who you are and how you can use that awareness to help shape who you become. 

What are the main benefits of MyActionPath?

While there are many benefits of MyActionPath, perhaps the two most important are: 1) self-awareness–knowing more about who you are so you can best determine who you can be and 2) curated guidance–the platform draws from many different sources to create a unique and tailored experience for each user.  

Why is it important to find my passion?

You’ll likely spend 80% or more of your day as an adult focused on your career. Knowing what you love and what you’re passionate about is the first step toward translating that into a meaningful life. MyActionPath career exploration resources and tools can help you get started on your journey to lifelong fulfillment.

Will MyActionPath help me know more about myself?

Absolutely! MyActionPath helps you understand your behaviors, traits, experiences, and goals. It then suggests how you can align them with the direction you’d like to head. MyActionPath also allows you to identify potential pathways of interest. The more you explore MyActionPath, the more you’ll learn! 

How do I find a career that’s a good fit?

MyActionPath helps personalize the experience and outputs for each user, meaning there are different outcomes for different people–that’s one of the tool’s great advantages. To help you find what’s right for you, start navigating outcomes and completing steps. The platform will guide and assist you by suggesting the most logical next steps from the possible outcomes. 

What’s more important: education or experience?

That’s a tough choice. Why not agree that both are important? Often people focus on one or the other and lose sight of the fact that we’re the sum total of all our education and experiences. Building a better you won’t happen just by more education or seeking out different life experiences. MyActionPath helps you identify what’s next for you. 

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